March of the Penguins


One of our most popular annual events, March of the Penguins, is happening Saturday, July 28! 

Come to watch our adorable Magellanic penguin chicks waddle through the Zoo to their new home on Penguin Island.  With much pomp and circumstance, this event celebrates the chicks' graduation from “Fish School” where they lose their fluffy down, learn to eat whole fish, swim and accept food from their human keepers.  Once these little ones have made it around the pond, they’re reunited with the rest of the penguin colony where they will remain for their adult lives. Members receive one free raffle ticket per family to help name one of our chicks.  Additional raffle tickets are $5.

Please help us welcome these wonderful waddlers as they make their public debut in red-carpet style and stay as long as you’d like for the Penguin Party! 

9:30 am Zoo opens early for Members and Guardians 
10 am Zoo opens to the public 
10:15 am Penguin March!
10:00-12:30 pm Penguin Party with crafts for kids, educational materials, photo ops with a penguin character and more! 
3:30 pm Penguin Keeper Talk