San Francisco Zoo & Gardens values its relationships with all media outlets, which help share the mission to connect people with wildlife, inspire caring for nature and advance conservation action. 

If you would like to be added to the media list to receive advisories and releases, please contact Nancy Chan at San Francisco Zoo & Gardens reserves the right to select media partners whose demographics and subject matter best coincides with the Zoo’s mission.

Personal Photography

Photography is welcome, but always stay safely behind any barriers and remain in the public areas at all times. Selfie sticks are never allowed to be held over barriers at any time. If you take some great shots and would like to donate them to the Zoo (photo credit cannot be guaranteed), email or send a CD to SF Zoo Marketing Department, 1 Zoo Road, San Francisco, CA 94132. The Zoo does not permit photos of the animals to be sold for profit or used for any commercial purposes without prior consent.

Media Releases

May 5, 2021 

Mexican Gray Wolf Passes Away

March 30, 2021 

Thriving Wild Bald Eagle Population, Once on the Brink of Extinction

February 18, 2021 

SF Zoo Aids Heroic Sea Turtle Rescue in Texas

January 22, 2021 

New Initiative Aimed at Ending Zoonotic Disease Threats